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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation


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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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We provide electric vehicle charger installation for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Customers.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Customers

Alameda Electric LLC provides residential and business installation services. Our electricians will install and test your EV charging station to verify proper operation and safety.


The actual electric vehicle charger is (in most cases) built into the vehicle.


The unit that hangs on the wall and is plugged into the vehicle is known as the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).


The EVSE regulates the charging current to prevent the car’s batteries from overheating. It also automatically shuts off the charger to protect it in case there is a short, power surge, or other malfunction.


For residential customers, there are two different levels of charging to choose from:


Level 1 Charging occurs through a standard 110V outlet. This type of charging is the slowest requiring about 12 hours until the vehicle is fully charged.


Level 2 Charging requires a 240 volt, 30A circuit. Almost all new EVs support it. This type of charging takes between 4-5 hours until the vehicle is fully charged. If there is space in the current electrical panel, a double pole breaker and appropriately sized wire is added for a new charging circuit. However, if the current electrical panel is being fully utilized, a sub panel may need to be added.


Always consult a qualified electrician for proper installation of charging equipment. 

The charger set up should be based on the vehicle’s specifications of the HVSE that is sold with it.

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