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Sign Services


24-Hour Emergency Response Unit

Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Electrical, Lighting & Signs

Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Property Maintenance

LED Installation, Retrofit & Repair

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Serving the Greater

Phoenix Metropolitan Area and

Surrounding Arizona Cities since 2002

We provide sign services including power connect & disconnect, lighting installation, and replacement and repair for Commercial and Industrial Business Owners and Property Managers.

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Our Sign Services Include:

>> Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

>> Neon Signs

>> Large Pole Style Signs

>> LED Signs

>> Fluorescent Signs

>> Monument Signs

>> Sign Installation

>> Sign Disconnect

>> Sign Connect

>> Sign Maintenance

>> High Area Banner Hanging or Installation

Commercial & Industrial Sign Services

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Rather than ask “What's your sign?” we ask, “What does your sign say about you?” A fully lit sign, or a well-placed sign, beckons to customers that you are open for business.

Illuminated signs easily catch a potential customer’s attention. In fact, a well-lit sign can be your most effective calling card.

But even a small section of outage in your sign can have the reverse effect. Doubt could set in, even at an unconscious level, creating thoughts that this business is not safe or doesn’t pay attention to detail.

First impressions do matter and making sure your sign is properly lit and shining bright is critical.

Our technicians are highly experienced in sign repair, from neon to LED.  We know channel letters, and we know the difference a well-lit sign makes to your business. 

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Call Us For All Your Sign Service Needs

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